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See more about Vampire Diaries, the vampire addon based on the series of the same name.

Have you ever watched The Vampire Diaries and imagined being a vampire, werewolf, hunter, hybrid, witch or something else? Now it’s possible with Vampire Diaries, the addon based on the series of the same name.

Read the chanlog to see the changes in this update and click on the download button below to download the update for free. If you want or need help, please join our discord server.


  • Added Vervain (Verbena)
  • Added vampire hunters
  • Hunters don’t attack vampires in human mode
  • Fixed vampires not attacking the player
  • Added bloodlust bar
  • Added blood bottles
  • Added craft for coffins
  • Correction to vampire skin
  • Addon renamed from Vampire Craft: Diaries to Vampire Diaries

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