Vampire Craft – New update of the vampire addon for minecraft bedrock

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See what has changed and been added in the new 3.4.0 update of the vampire craft addon for Minecraft Bedrock that came out this Monday (04/01).

This update has added new unique weapons, changes to the old addon ores and a new ore that can be made by mixing the two.

One of the new weapons added was the “Vampire’s Sword”, the damage of which varies depending on how much flesh it has, and specifically for recharging the sword, the “Recharge Altar” has been added. The other weapon added was the “Werewolf claws”, the equivalent of the new vampire sword.

Read the changlog below for the other changes in this new addon update.


  • Added Vampire Sword
  • Added Werewolf claws
  • Recharge altar added
  • The eclipse ingot has been added: It can be made by mixing a sun stone ingot and a moonstone ingot
  • Moon stone ore and sun stone ore appear in the mountains (above layer 127)

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6 responses to “Vampire Craft – New update of the vampire addon for minecraft bedrock”

  1. Arthur Avatar

    cadê a droga da addon de vampire craft??????????????

    1. sunrise Avatar

      Voce ta pagina dele so apertar no botão download ou entrar em nosso servidor do dircord que daremos suporte a voce

  2. Emanuel Avatar

    Ma cadê o botão download