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What are addons?

Addons are modifications that can be added to Minecraft Bedrock, totally changing the experience you’d get from normal gameplay. Read more about all the addons published by Sunrise Studios.

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Latest addons

Get a new experience by playing with some of the addons posted by Sunrise Studios.

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Vampire Craft

Have you ever wanted to be a vampire? Now you can! The vampire craft addon is inspired by a famous java mod with the same theme. In it it is possible to transform into a vampire, drink blood, unlock various abilities, among other things. Only ours allows all this with the possibility of becoming a werewolf.

Vampirism: Bedrock Edition

Vampires are fast, powerful and bloodthirsty creatures who avoid sunlight but thrive in the darkness of night, and the most exciting thing: you can become one! This addon makes it possible to transform into a vampire, with all its advantages and disadvantages.

Werewolf: Bedrock Edition

As a werewolf, you can live as a human during the day and unleash your strength at night. But since you’re living as a werewolf, you can only taste fresh meat. (In development)

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Family life

Have a family within Minecraft, this addon replaces the villagers in the world with NPCs and adds several interactions.

Vampire Diaries

Become a vampire in the new addon based on the series of the same name. Vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts and so on… become any of them and have an adventure based on the original universe.

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Piston arm

A solution to Minecraft’s standard build distance limitation, increasing the distance limit to 32 blocks.